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The guitar is a difficult mistress never a lover, for whoever holds this instrument, male or female, must be the lover,the one who presses, gives, bending to her moods, attentive to her wooden heart--she forever coy, forever the seductress. Reluctantly, the lover lays her gently down. Exhausted, bent, with aching joints and tendons--
tenderly the lover lays her down.
Oh, Lorca! I have found my deep song, the dark wooden hollow of my mistress's heart.I have found my instrument, but I cannot make her speak.

Liz Vesecky

We carry: Classical Guitars Gypsy Jazz Mariachi Lucida  Dell'Arte Gitane VALENCIA CIGANO Catala J.Navarro Prudencio Saes

This speaks loud and to the point of classical guitar playing. We carry fine instruments and the quality exceeds the price. Every Guitar is personally setup Buy with confidence!!

Cigano Guitars
Cigano Guitars
Gitane Guitars
Gitane Guitars
J. Navarro Classical Guitar
J. Navarro Classical Guitar
Prudencio Saez Classical Guitar


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