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Music Festival Reviews

Welcome to the Event page

I have always wanted to create a place where people can go and get honest reviews on Music festivals. We have been attending music festivals for many years as vendor's. This means we know the inside as well as the outside of these music festivals. This is our views and our views only. If we didn't see it or experience it then you won't read about it. NO gossip. I am not going to rate these festivals from best to worst.


Bill Monroe Memorial Bluegrass Festival

Bill Monroe Memorial bluegrass Music Festival: This festival is still the Biggest Bluegrass festival in this United States but we think it's not the best.. Not many vendor's because of the Booth Rental fee's. Food Vendor's pay even more. Way to high !! I loved setting up at this show when the rental was affordable. With this size of a Bluegrass festival there are bound to be problems. For a fan and a Great time I wouldn't miss it. The same ol Great Bluegrass music.


Earl Park Fall Festival

This festival is in Indiana and one of our best festivals we go to every year. Most of the bands are from Indiana exept the a couple head liner's. It is so nice to go to a festival where the VFW serving Steak sandwiches. The lions club is selling great ice cream. Tractor pulls and crash up derby. Great Car show and all very nice people. Bring camper or tent camp (Call early) Has a 5-6 dollar all you can eat dinner every night. This festival has its stuff to gather.  What a Great Time !!

Covered Bridge Festival 

Dates: October 14th - October 23rd;

Flea market-Flea Market-Flea Market. Take a whole week off work. Get your billfold out and begin to walk and spend money. Mansfield is Huge- Bridgton smaller- Rockville is small but the beginners. Anything you want in life is there. No Music
Northern Indiana Tri-State Kendallville Bluegrass Festivals
Kendallville, IN 46755
This festival is a Great Festival. I love this festival and it will always have a place in my heart. Great Bluegrass Music Great food and Great people. If you have a chance to go then Go. Festival is at the Noble County Fairgrounds. Campers-RV's-and tents welcome. Great Time !!
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