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Modtone MT-VOL Xcelerator Volume Pedal SHOP NOW!! > Modtone MT-VOL Xcelerator Volume Pedal
#MT-VOL Modtone MT-VOL Xcelerator Volume Pedal

Modtone MT-VOL Xcelerator Volume Pedal

The ModTone Xcelerator Volume Pedal features a long taper parametric pot that lets you take just a small volume dip all the way to complete signal shutoff. The single knob on the side allows you to change the point of "0" on the pedal. At "0" the typical volume pedal is silent, but the Xcelerator allows you to adjust the "0" to your customized setting so you always return to your perfect fixed volume point. Whether you use the pedal to go from clean to dirty tones, or to go from rhythm to lead, you'll find that the ModTone Xcelerator is the perfect pedal to handle all of your volume needs.


• True Bypass
• Custom Range Setting Knob
• Long Taper Parametric Pot
• Dual Output
• All Metal Construction
• 5 Year Warranty


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