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Professional Setup


Thanks for visiting All instruments that we sell go thru a Professional setup process.  We do this for free when most companies charge around $50.00 to $100.00 dollars extra for it. Never buy a stringed instrument without it being Professionally setup. This process is absolutely necessary on all stringed instruments. Before you buy ask if the instrument will come already Professionally setup. We have two luthier's and professional musicians that do incredible setup work.   Setting up an instrument can be a timely process. Our Luthiers take great pride in sending you the very best instrument. So there are times when it may take a little longer than normal. We might have to send the instrument back to the manufacture to get the one we want. This insures you get the very best and the instrument you are paying your hard earned money for.

 If you need the instrument quick and can set it up yourself then tell us and we will drop ship the instrument. Reducing the total cost depending on the instrument..

Here is what we do in a professional setup.



  • We check/Adjust for smooth operation
  • We check/Adjust shakes and vibrations
  • We tighten hardware on tuners, strap buttons,  pots, and switches (if applicable)
  • We tighten and set hardware on bridge


  • We adjust truss rod when Needed.
  • We check/Adjust actio (We set the action as if this was our guitar (LOW) 
  • We check/Adjust intonation
  • We stretch strings numerous times until stable tuning is achieved. (Strings may continue to stretch even after setup) 
  • We check for any buzzing up and down the neck
  • We play a variety of chords and styles of music


  • We check/Adjust smooth and noiseless operation of pots and switches (if applicable)
  • We check plug fit in output jack (if applicable)
  • We check/Adjust pickup height (if applicable)
  • We install "Wammy Bar" to make sure it "Whammies"


  • We check for scratches
  • We check the nuts and screw's
  • We check inside cutaways for bracing problems and overall workmanship.
  • We check back plates and springs (if applicable)
  • We check headstock's for any imperfections. 
  • We check and make sure all the frets are level and won't shred your hand when you play.
  • We check fingerboard surface and oil it if needed.
  • We check top dots and/or all inlays to make sure it is secure and level (if applicable)
  • We check side dots to make sure they are there.(if applicable)
  • We check the top for sustained vibration and cracks or discolorations.
  • We are looking over the entire instrument for any visual defects.
  • We polish the whole instrument before it ships to get our finger prints off and so it will look pretty an smell nice. 
  • We check the interior and exterior of case for flaws. (if applicable)

 Inspect Banjo's Setup (Everything above including)

  • We tightening support arms
  • We tightening head
  • We checking all brackets
  • We checking tone ring
  • We checking overall function and alignment
  • We also do other thing to make our banjo's better than anyone else's. Trade Secret!!

 We do are best to get you the finest instrument we carry. We want it to sound and play it's very best. Here at Hoosier Guitar Company we strive to meet your needs. So please if you have any problems call us. Thanks,


Authorized Dealer

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Call 317-272-4729 for Customer Service. Please read: We are not the Indiana Guitar Company or SHS International. Hoosier Guitar Company and are Authorized Dealers for their products. We are also Dealers for a number of different manufactures and brand’s.