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Direct Order or Customer Service

Hoosier Guitar Company and is a Mom & Pop shop with 17+ years’ experience serving musicians in both our local community and the U.S.A. Our forte is providing you with the finest instruments on the market in line with your budget. Our goal is to make your purchase as easy as possible. Plus being completely satisfied when you get it. 

Now, our competitors are governed by profit margins. They are pressured to sell large quantities of instrument daily to stay in business. So, 99.9% of them dropship their instruments without even looking at them. We handle and professionally setup every instrument we sell. Now occasionally it might say we have an instrument in stock. When in fact we may not. We may have sold it in our shop or over the phone. So, we must manually change it on our website and that's where we may fall a little behind. If you order something and we are out of stock we’ll order it from our manufacture and have it shipped here, on our dime. I will professionally set it up and ship it out to you. The turnaround time in a situation like this is about 7-10 days. For your trouble we usually through something it to make up for the wait.

Now being Retired Navy and a Certified luthier, I know how important it is to pay attention to details on instruments and customer service. Plus being musicians, ourselves helps us provide solutions for each customer’s musical needs.

Now to say again "We do not Dropship" I professionally setup every instrument I sell, For Free.

We are always here to answer any question and find the best solution for your musical needs. Give us a call, email or come by our store (By appointment only, to give you one on one service).

Thanks for checking out our website and hopefully you've enjoyed what you've seen. If you would like to order a product by contacting us over the phone that’s fine. Maybe you don't see the instrument or brand on our website we can still get about anything in your price range. We also have "Scratch and Dent" models that we sell Cheap! So Please contact by using the form below or calling us at 317-268-4625. 

This is a very secure way of dealing with are most important customers. We will contact you very soon with all the information you need.  

Thanks, and God Bless,




Authorized Dealer

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Call 317-272-4729 for Customer Service. Please read: We are not the Indiana Guitar Company or SHS International. Hoosier Guitar Company and are Authorized Dealers for their products. We are also Dealers for a number of different manufactures and brand’s.